What is betting and how did betting originate?

Betting is the gambling process associated with betting on sports in betting shops. It is based on betting with a bookmaker on a particular sporting event. The player makes a bet with real money, and the betting company in the case of a successful sports bet pays winnings. If he loses, the money stays with the bookmaker.

Betting is popular nowadays, but few people know about the history of its origin. The first bets were made back in the middle of the XVII century. The French and the English are still arguing about who is the ancestor of sports betting. The former argue that it was in France that sports betting began in 1651, while the British insist that financial betting has its roots in horse racing, which was invented in England.

Professional betting blossomed in the XX century. Then the totes at the races were popular, but sports betting did not develop.

Over time, in European countries appeared special offices, accepting bets, after which the relevant laws on the regulation of betting were adopted.

A breakthrough in betting on the outcome of sports events occurred already in the 2000s, there were many bookmakers’ offices, with the development of the online betting industry over time. Now players can make bets on the Internet – via PCs and mobile applications. Many financial strategies of the game were invented, the flow of customers of betting offices significantly increased.

How is betting different from casinos?

The betting market has significant differences from casinos. The main distinguishing feature is that in financial betting, players do not rely on luck, but on their analytical skills and knowledge of the game discipline. Professional players who make money from betting have emerged, and they are the ones who have created most of the gambling patterns and financial tactics.

In sports betting, success also depends on the human factor – it is more prevalent in determining success than in casinos, where the game is programmed and based on probability theory. The outcome of events and the outcome of a bet depend on the bettor’s efforts and the actions of sportsmen, whereas in casinos the players place a bet and wait to see what happens next – nothing depends on them, it is almost impossible to predict the exact bet.

The main thing in the work of bookmakers – estimate the likelihood of passage of an event. The probability is evaluated by odds. Bookmakers hire special analysts to calculate the odds or use professional software which already contains the probability, all that remains is to convert it into numerical odds.

Also in the odds laid commission – margin. Bookmakers need it to make a profit. For example, let’s take the event in tennis P1 and P2. If the probability of victory is the same, the odds should be 2.00 – 2.00. But in the line we see 1.80 – 1.95 more often. This is due to the fact that the margin is put in the quotation, which reduces the odds from 2.00 to the conditional 1.80 and gives the company the opportunity to earn money.

Every day, bookmakers put thousands of events in the line. Bets are accepted not only before the start of the match, but also during its course – in live mode. The task of players is to choose suitable variants for betting and make a bet.

Is it possible to earn on betting

Theoretically it is possible to earn on sports betting if you are not a gambler. To do so, you need to have an excellent understanding of a particular sports discipline and have a penchant for analyzing games. Betting professionals say that you should bet a little and spend a lot of time on analysis, taking into account the various features that affect the outcome of the match.

There are special betting strategies to earn money. They are divided into three categories – sports models, mathematical strategies and financial tactics.

Financial models are used in conjunction with other types of tactics – it increases the efficiency of the game. But regardless of the use of strategies, it is important for players to analyze their bets themselves and understand the sports thoroughly to be able to make money on betting with the bookmaker.


Betting on sports is an interesting pastime based on playing against the bookie. Some bettors turn into real professionals, earning good money, others, being under the influence of gambling, lose huge sums. Currently bettors have a large selection of bookmakers with different conditions for betting. Betting doesn’t have to become the center of the universe for amateurs: after all, betting is just great fun!


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start in betting?

To start betting, you should first study the thematic literature and assess your chances in predicting. This can be done by practicing in determining accurate predictions without using real money. If a person succeeds in making profitable bets – you can try to bet with your own money.

How to earn on betting?

To make money in betting, players should spend a lot of time analyzing the events, have an excellent knowledge of the sport they choose to bet, as well as a solid bank. In addition, it is important to use gaming strategies and money management tactics correctly.

What betting company to choose?

Bookmaker companies are divided into legal and illegal. Preference should be given to the betting shops that work legally under a license. You can find the list of legal bookmakers here and choose the best variant for you.

When did betting appear?

The first betting on sports appeared around the 17th century. But it is not known exactly in what country – England or France. The fact is that the first bets were made on the result of horse racing.