8 best crypto slots

Looking for exciting new crypto slots to try out? We’ve scoured online casinos to find you not only the most exciting, but also the most attractive and thoughtful cryptocurrency slots that will have you spinning and winning for hours.

8. Robbery

This next-generation BetSoft slot machine will help you dive into your own high-stakes action game! With over 5 reels and 30 paylines, see if Detective Kowalski can catch Neal’s bank robber. Play your cards right and activate the bonus round and you’ll get a chance to play the cunning criminal.

Take advantage of the many bonus features found in this exciting crypto slot, as well as the auto play mode they have cleverly integrated. Players can expect to get their hands grabbed with symbols such as Diamonds, Glass Cutters, Neil, Kowalski, and Wild and Scatter symbols added for extra fun. With a wide variety of winning combinations, you’ll also get unique opportunities to double your winnings.

Enjoy this dynamic crypto slot and extract huge winnings from it!

7. Slotfather

Ready to take the plunge into the Sicilian Mafia? Change your world with this Godfather-style extravaganza with 5 reels and 30 paylines. BetSoft is making you an offer you can’t refuse with this tricky crypto slot.

Slotfather intends to create his own slot machine empire, enlisting the help of Fat Tony, Sammy Quick Fingers and Frankie da Fixer. In addition to a fascinating storyline, players can look forward to four enticing bonus options, vibrant graphics and one heck of a smooth ride.

The rather impressive jackpot will help you forget about the lack of wild symbols, and when the Sneeky Gangsta symbol falls next to the suitcase symbol, the Sneeky Instant Win feature is activated! Get ready for a wild ride with this mighty father of slot machines.

6. tycoons.

Hit the stunning strip with one of BetSoft’s most popular crypto slots. Get ready for great 3D effects, a colorful storyline and even more fun characters in this story with 5 reels and 30 paylines.

Join four main characters: an Arabian oil tycoon, a computer engineer, an elegant lady dripping in jewelry, and a classic old, suspicious rich man as he travels through checks, cars, suitcases, gold bars and, of course, money rolls.

With a little help from the progressive jackpot, bonus games and special symbols, you can also walk away from the tycoon with your new crypto-funded winnings. The whole package – what else can you expect in Tycoon City?

5. Game of Thrones.

Feeling nostalgic for the Iron Throne? Microgaming has your back in this crypto slot with 5 reels and 15 paylines. Navigate the wild world of dragons, deer, wild lions and angry wolves with wild symbols, scatters and multipliers.

Fans of the show will recognize among the card symbols symbols representing the Houses of Westeros: House Lannister (red lion), House Baratheon (yellow stag), House Targaryen (red dragon) and House Stark (gray wolf). Pay attention to the Iron Throne scatter symbol, where two will instantly reward you with a cash prize and 3 or more will start free spins rounds.

Get ready for adventure in this crypto themed slot, fighting your way to the Gamble Trail feature where you can double your winnings!

4. Treasures of the Aztecs.

Dive into the ancient Aztec civilization with this gorgeous BetSoft 5D slot with 30 reels and 3 paylines. Navigate through the mysterious jungle with the help of jaguars and your trusty characters and look for Wild and Scatter symbols and interesting bonuses along the way.

You’ll hunt for treasure with the help of a lucky Aztec man and two beautiful women, and you’ll mine for coins through gems, jaguars, Aztec huts and pyramids. What blows this game up in the park is their seven bonus features, which all offer increased odds of winning and dancing.

With 94.88% RTP odds in your favor, and the symbols ready to point your way. Enjoy this ride (away) down memory lane and tap into one of the wisest crypto slots out there.

3. Mad Scientist

Are you ready to live the better life of Mad Scientist with this BetSoft crypto slot? Better get ready to experiment in this game with 5 reels and 20 paylines. Join Dr. Walter Prescott as you navigate through bonus games, wild and scatter symbols, and a 96% RTP. And if something gets too wild, you can always turn on auto-play to help.

Help Dr. Walter Prescott turn anything and everything into gold in this fascinating world of microscopes, electric balls, test tubes and chalkboard symbols. Look for biohazard symbols, 3,4 or 5 of them will activate the bonus round!

Get ready for a fun ride as you travel through the strange world of Mad Scientist lab experiments.

2. Under the Bed.

Get ready to relive your childhood nightmares with this monstrous BetSoft crypto slot. Reducing to horror and increasing entertainment value, this slot with 5 reels and 30 paylines will have you playing the game for hours.

You’ll stay at home with the two main characters, Jesse and Jane, as they navigate the world of monsters that keep appearing on the screen. With an RTP of 95.5%, it’s worth staying! Unlock the second screen bonus game with 3 or more bed symbols and help the girls pick the biggest and scariest monster on the cards. Taking a card along with your parents will bring you right back to the reels.

Enjoy Sticky Wilds in this monster-themed crypto slot, and you can join the monster dice game in another second screen bonus game. Under The Bed is a very interesting and very well-designed option that is great for the best crypto slots.

1. Viking Age.

Our latest entry in our list of the best crypto slots is BetSoft’s Viking Age. You can expect nothing but amazing imagery and smooth gameplay in these 5-reel, 30-game slots. Are you ready to enter the real world of the Vikings? Hats off, it’s going to be a wild ride.

Players can count on the autoplay feature as well as scatter symbols clogging the reels. In addition to the two Viking characters (one blond and one redhead – a blond that pays out a little more), you can also expect to see a beautiful Viking girl, Amma, Viking vessels, jewelry and axes. Pay attention to the Viking hats, they are Scatter symbols and trigger the bonus game.

Wrestling weapons trigger another bonus round, where you have to show your strength and choose the winning side. Get ready for the mother of all Viking adventures with this exciting Crypto slot.